How to spot fake Adidas Y-3 Qasa

How to spot fake Y-3 Qasa

Everyone knows Adidas brand, almost everyone wears their clothes at least time-to-time. Adidas shows their prowess in the luxury sneaker market via their Y-3 subdivision with the popular adidas Qasa model. Popularity and high price of Qasa leads to appear a lot of fake stuff sells on various websites and even in markets where sellers doesnt even know they sell fakes.
Some simple steps to recognize genuine Y-3 Qasa shoes are:

  1. Check if Yohji Yamamoto caption painted or engraved on the side. Most real Qasas have engraved caption, you may look at real model on official Adidas website. Only some models have printed caption on it.
  2. Dont buy Qasa on chinese e-malls, there are absolutely no chances to get genuine item.
  3. Ask seller for the serial numbers, ask if Qasa come with the box, dustbag, tags etc.
  4. Buying online is a hard way to check item detailed, but pay attention on the Yohji Yamamoto caption' accuracy. The font on the fakes is slightly different and the letter spacing between the Y,O,and the H is a little too far apart.
  5. Buy from official stores and trusted sellers. Buying on Amazon you may be sure that item is genuine.