How to spot fake GoPro camera and avoid scam

How to spot fake GoPro camera and recognize scam


Millions of people have used GoPro’s wearable cameras to record their every sky-diving, drone-flying, shark-riding adventure. GoPro is absolutely leading device on the market. That's why if you want to buy it you should know some facts to avoid fakes on web-stores and scam on Ebay.



Some chinese electronic malls sells fake cameras.

1. Clones. Looks very close to genuine GoPro but without brandname on it. Even may be named "Original hottest video camera gopro waterproof full hd 1080p" etc.
Fake GoPro camera

2. Followers. Slightly different design but promises of same functionality and image quality. Don't beleive.

Fake GoPro-like camera

3. Alternatives. Have their own original design but – again – promise the same functionality and image quality. Guess what? Right! Don't beleive. Of course, you can google for reviews and even find some good devices in a sea of weird chinese gadgets, but do you really want to play this game?

Chinese GoPro-wannabe


Looking for the bargain, you may find listings with prices that are cheaper that common.

1. Ebay sellers. Buy only from official dealers or shops with strong reputation. Report scam if any suspicion. Dont hesitate to ask for money back through PayPal.

2. Online listings without moneyback guarantee. Just ask yourself – why someone sells camera so cheap?

Best way is to buy GoPro cameras and accessories on a proven online markets such as Amazon or on special elecronic malls who have Official Dealer status.