How to spot fake Nixon 51-30 watches

Spot real fake Nixon 51-30 watches-watches1

Some time ago I've posted an article How to spot fake Nixon watches and now it is time to learn more about the one of the most popular Nixon watches model. It is a Nixon 51-30 watches . I saw lots of replicas and that's how to recognize genuine Nixon 51-30 item:

  1. Check the store \ seller's feedback (if available).
    Ideally, the best advice I can provide is to buy from a seller that has a lot of feedback for transactions related to the item you are purchasing, whether it is a watch or any kind of expensive item.
  2. Check if price seems to be right.
    If you know that a Nixon 51-30 watches generally sells for $300-600, for example, and you see an offer for this same watch with a buy it now price of $50-100, there’s a chance that the watch may be a counterfeit.  If it seems unrealistic, proceed with caution.
  3. Don't buy Nixon watches on chinese electronic malls. They may have valuable offers for some electronics or appliances, but really can not sell genuine Nixon.
  4. A good indicator for counterfeits is whether the underside of your watch has a code engraved in it. This looks like a number followed by a letter. Example '12A' All authentic Nixon watches would have this.
  5. Check the item photos. If you see Nixon 51-30 Antique Copper with a brown face that was never produced, be aware. If genuine item on a Nixon website have "SWISS MOVEMENT" caption but listed item have "SWISS MOVT" – be aware.
  6. Totally the simpliest solution is to buy Nixon 51-30 watches on a well-known malls such as