How to spot fake Kilian perfume

Fake Kilian perfumes have been flooding the market for a long time and consumers are still being cheated even at this second. People who are expert in perfume could easily tell if a perfume is fake and would not get cheated. However, if you are not one of these “expert” worry not, you will become one once you read through this post.

Meaning, you wouldn’t get fake Kilian perfume at the price of a Starbucks coffee. It’s always the same thing. Luxury brand (like By Kilian), price seems like a good deal, significantly less than retail, but still a substantial amount, of course they’ll offer free shipping. No surprise, you’ll get a counterfeit fragrance.

No offence, but there is a bigger chance to get a fake when buying from Russia or either Eastern Europe.

Hard to check when buying online, so ask to make more photos of exact bottle and package you want to buy. It doent save from sending you completely different item, but..