How to spot fake Apple Pencil 2 Stylus Pen

The one killer feature on an Apple tablets is a Pencil stylus pen. Lots of competitors has one, but the Apple Pencil is a most advanced tech and Pencil 2 is the best stylus in class up to date.

And as other Apple products, the Pencil has a lots of counterfeits. Here we explain how to identify is device genuine or fake.

  1. The box
    Fakes are lack of printing quality but the paper may be good. A bit yellowish tint can be recognizeable when both real and fake boxes put together.

2. The printings on device
Poor resolution, misaligned Apple logo that is too close or too far from the text, general letters alignment – all those signs can tell you that the Pencil 2 you holding is a fake

3. Absence of markings
Some required printings about safety or standards are missing

4. Functionality
Some fake Apple Pencil gen 2 styluses are connecting to iPad and charging like real ones, as much as aftermarket styluses do. But the main feature Pencil 2 have is pressure sensitivity and any fakes does not have it.

Tip: no any stylus have pressure sensitivity function on iPad and only genuine Apple Pencil 2 stylus pen have it. So if you don’t use this function just buy a stylus from any proven brand and it will do the same.

Based on Reddit info