How to Spot Fake Designer Perfumes

Buying that bottle of “designer” perfume at a deep discount might seem like a great deal, until it starts losing its scent just weeks later. Designer knockoffs often boast a big discount, but none of the quality. Make sure you don’t get swindled by educating yourself on how to spot designer knockoffs..

  1. Check first to make sure the box or bottle doesn’t say “designer imposter” or “inspired by” right on the bottle. Some legitimate retailers produce designer knockoffs and the packaging looks quite similar, but they are required to state that their scent is merely a similar one.
  2. Check the name and spelling on the box and bottle. A quality bottle of perfume has been checked to perfection in packaging, so there should be no misspellings or glaring mistakes. Also, check to make sure the name of the designer is correctly spelled–it’s a common mistake and a dead giveaway.
  3. Examine the color of the perfume. If the perfume you want is sold with a pink tint, it should obviously not be clear. Also, you will want to check the color for dilution. Some scammers with sell real perfume, but water it down to get twice their money out of a bottle. They may also dilute the perfume with other chemicals that can be dangerous to your health, so look carefully.
  4. Examine the bottle. This includes noting what liquid weight the perfume is typically sold as, checking the color and quality of the atomizer, the colors and materials it is made of and any stamps typically found on the bottle. This can be difficult to do online, but you can always ask the seller for more pictures. If they send you stock pictures, stay away.
  5. Guard yourself when you can’t buy in person. That means looking for positive, consistent feedback on eBay, ensuring a good return policy and finding a reasonable price. After all, if the seller is marketing designer perfumes at a ridiculous discount, chances are he or she are selling fakes.


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