How to spot fake Carrera sunglasses, recognize counterfeit and buy genuine Carrera eyewear

How to spot fake Carrera sunglasses, recognize counterfeit and buy genuine Carrera eyewear

Counterfeit apparel and luxury items are big business today, one that seriously compromises authentic retailers and unsuspecting consumers. Quality sunglasses happen to be one of the most popular items copied and sold, and sales continually rise. A little education goes a long way in protecting us from pirates who want to take our hard-earned money and give us nothing of value in return.

So what should you be looking for when shopping for your next pair of Carrera sunglasses? How can you be sure that you are getting your money's worth?


Genuine Carrera sunglasses don't come with a box, only the case.

Logo, label and markings

Before you buy, know your logos and labels. Quality brands are consistent in how and where they display their crisp, identifiable logos, even if they vary from model to model. Legitimate logos are positioned on the arms, the lenses, inside the ear piece, or somewhere else on the glasses, and are always consistent. With some exceptions, they are usually the same size, font, colors, or combination of elements, and of exceedingly high quality.

The key is quality, consistency and authenticity.

Logo misspellings or variations, or just being in the wrong place, are clear indications that something is amiss. Genuine markings are usually stamped or embossed inside the glasses’ arms and include some or all of the following: frame size, color, model number, and manufacturing location.

Get savvy about the logos and markings of your favorite designer glasses before you go shopping and steer clear of counterfeits.

Country of origin

Genuine Carreras are manufactured in either China, Italy or Slovenia.

Visual check

You can find a picture of the sunglasses at Carrera's website and see if yours look exactly the same

Tactile check

Analyze the quality of Carrera sunglasses you are about to buy: Do they fit well? Do your eyes hurt after you wear them for a while? How good is the construction quality?