How to spot fake Birkenstock sandals

Despite taking action against counterfeiters, there are still a lot of knock-off companies and distributors that sell fake Birkenstocks these days.

Fortunately, there are several ways to identify authentic Birkenstock shoes. Check them out below:

  1. Check the seller

One sure way to avoid falling victim to scammers is to purchase directly from Birkenstock’s official website or through authorized dealers. You can check out the store locator provided by the shoe manufacturer headquartered in Neustadt, Germany.

You can also buy from reputable websites and established retailers.

  1. Compare prices

Original Birkenstock sandals are usually priced between $29.95 and $99.95 for the classic styles, depending on the material.

The “Madrid” EVA, for example, retails for $29.95, while its Birko-Flor version is priced at $79.95.

Birks are quite pricey, so if you see a store selling them at prices that are too good to be true, chances are pretty high that they’re fake.

  1. Check the packaging

The shoes should come in a blue Birkenstock shoebox properly labeled with the BIRKENSTOCK text logo on all sides, except for the bottom. There should also be a circular logo on top that carries over onto the back side of the box.

The front part should display an illustration of Birkenstock shoe styles with their respective names printed below each style.

A paragraph about Birkenstock should be printed in both German and English on one side of the box.

On the opposite side, there should be a sticker label showing an illustration of the shoe style, the model name, color, material as well as your shoe size and foot width.

This information should match the shoe inside the box. The sticker label should also include a product code and EAN/UPC barcodes.

When opened, there should be text reading “TRADITION SINCE 1774” on the inside of the box lid. The interior should be printed with Birkenstock’s sole design and should have a size guide on the cover.

  1. Inspect the footbed

The footbed is perhaps the most important part in checking the authenticity of Birkenstock shoes. Dubbed as the “heart” of all Birkenstock shoe models, the footbed should have a suede lining, a deep heel cup for natural cushioning under the heel bone, longitudinal and transverse arch support, and a raised toe bar.

  1. Check the sole

Birkenstock soles are patented and they feature the brand’s unique hourglass-shape pattern. There should also be the word “Birk” debossed on some of the shapes on the soles.

  1. Check the logo

There should be a BIRKENSTOCK debossed logo on the inner side of the strap of each shoe. You should feel the imprint across the logo when you run your fingers over it. It should be straight and neatly done.

7. Check the buckles and buttons

The buckles and buttons on every original Birkenstock shoe should have a debossed text logo.

On larger buckles, you should see the word “BIRKENSTOCK.”

On smaller buckles, you should see either “BIRKEN” or “BIRK.”

  1. Check the material

Birkenstock uses premium materials. Leather Birks are made of a high-quality, thick, unsplit leather, and synthetic Birks are made of a skin-friendly durable Birko-Flor, which should be thick and hard-wearing.

Fake Birks are usually made from thin leather or poor quality materials without fleece lining.

  1. Check the weight

Birkenstocks are made for comfort, so they should be lightweight. Fake Birks are usually heavier than authentic ones.

  1. Check the overall quality

Authentic Birkenstocks adhere to strict manufacturing standards, and are guaranteed to be of top quality.

The outsole, cork and footbed should be neatly aligned, and there should be no excess clumps of glue anywhere.