How to spot fake BAPE shark hoodie

If you want to get a bape hoodie then before you spend that big sum of cash you better learn how to check it first.

Know Your Fakes

So first of all if you want a brand new (deadstock) bape hoodie you're looking at $360+ in the U.S so that means anything brand new under $360 is most likely fake.

Used hoodies go for around $250-$360 depending on condition.

That's what your average fake hoodie will look like they're very cheap quality and easily able to be called out upon. The prices for these will be around $20-40 dollars.

Mid Tier Reps

Now if you notice on the Mid Tier Reps the shark face is slightly off, hood is slightly too small, the tag (sellers name on paper or something the seller uses to show original pictures) is in Chinese or Japanese (legit hoodies can have a Chinese or Japanese tag but most of the time it will be fake) and they have similar carpets and low picture quality.

High Tier Reps

Now these tend to be in the $50-100 dollar range and are close to retails. There are few flaws that can tell a pair apart. Sometimes the shark face will be off, WGM sizing is off, or the tiger A is too close to the face. The best way to Legit Check them is to check the tags

Genuine tags

Fake item tag

Know Your Colorways

Some fake bape hoodies aren't even existing colorways so always research your hoodies.

Know Your Sellers

There are stores like End Clothing but most of those are available in store only and is located in Europe your best bet are the official Bape Store and Pondon.

Ask for a Legit Check

It never hurts to ask for a Legit Check at places like Reddit Streetwear or here and make smart choices.

Source Yung Ghost