How to spot a fake Burberry trench coat and buy genuine Plus video

How to spot a fake Burberry trench coat, to recognize counterfeit and buy genuine Burberry trench coat

Founded in 1856, Burberry has become synonymous with trenches, plaid and all things British. It’s fitting that fashion’s most famous trench was created for English weather and that since its inception, Burberry has turned out heritage equestrian wear fit for the English countryside and beyond. In fact, the house’s patented fabrics and designs have been worn by everyone from polar explorers to British soldiers in WWI (wearing what would become the iconic trench) to tastemakers, celebrities and fashion innovators throughout the 20th century like Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Kate Moss and British royals, just to name a few.

When authenticating Burberry, we inspect the plaid, the knight logo, interior labels, hardware, materials and stitching.

The traditional check has been reinterpreted in many colors, but always with the same pattern. On Burberry accessories, this plaid should always match up at the side seams:

How to spot a fake Burberry trench coat, to recognize counterfeit and buy genuine Burberry trench coat

Interior Label
There are several different versions of authentic Burberry tags. Leather labels should be legibly stamped with even weight. Fabric labels should be sewn down on all sides with tight and even stitches.

The hardware should always be made from high-quality materials, such as genuine shell buttons and bone toggles. Zippers should be engraved with “Burberry” on both sides – a lack of engraving usually indicates that an item is not authentic. On garments, buttons and snaps should carry the Burberry logo as well:

How to spot a fake Burberry trench coat, to recognize counterfeit and buy genuine Burberry trench coat

The most common material used in Burberry handbags is PVC, also known as coated canvas. The material is strong, durable and water-resistant. The surface is texturized to look like grained leather. If a coated canvas appears slick or flimsy, it’s most likely not authentic. In 2008, Burberry redesigned their famous Haymarket check. The previous Burberry knight was right-facing, where on the newer versions he faces left and is depicted in much more detail.

Burberry’s stitching will always be clean, uniformed and aligned. It should not be sloppy or crooked

Burberry Myth 1: Burberrys
The first common myth is that items labeled “Burberry’s” are not authentic. The truth is, garments made prior to 1999 will be labeled “Burberrys.” It was in this year that the company rebranded themselves “Burberry London,” as seen on current pieces.

Burberry Myth 2: Asian-Made Burberry
Burberry ScarfAnother myth is that items made in Asia are not authentic. In 2006, Burberry closed a main workshop in London and began producing items in China. Burberry now manufactures their goods around the world. The first two letters in the ID number will match the country of origin, whether it be from England, Hong Kong, Turkey or China..

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