How to spot Michael Kors MK women’s wristwatch

How to spot Michael Kors women's wristwatch

Nowadays, it seems as if nearly every other small wrist is encircled by an oversized gold disc. The Michael Kors watch phenonmeon is in full swing, and if you’ve ever been tempted then now is the time to buy, with prices hovering around the $150 mark. But with so many watches on the market, how can you tell that the one you’re buying is genuine? Here’s our top four tips to spotting a fake Michael Kors watch

Model number

Each of these watches will have a model number written on the back of the casing. In most instances the model number will be easily identified, reading something like “MK-5544”. Simply check that it matches the model number found on any paperwork accompanying the watch.


We may mention this time and time again, but one super simple way to spot a fake Michael Kors watch.

If the Michael Kors logo is featured on the dial, you can check that the font of the letters is consistent with the official brand logo, that the spacing is even, and that the quality of finish is high – there should be no signs of glue or gaps.

Seconds hand

On all models, the end of the second hand will hand a small inverted ‘M’ (pictured right), whereas some of the fake watches will have missed the intricate detailing.

This isn’t necessarily true for every single unauthentic Michael Kors watch, however it is worth looking out for.

How to spot Michael Kors women's wristwatch

How crystal is setted

If you’ve chosen an embellished watch, make sure all of the crystal settings are perfectly in place.

They should be symmetric, neatly placed around or on the the face of the watch, and there should be no no glue showing and no crystal out of place. If it looks messy and rushed, chances are it’s not a real Michael Kors watch.

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