How to Spot a Fake Tissot Watch

The Tissot watch company was established in 1853 in the small village of Le Locle, Switzerland. The company provides high-quality timepieces to consumers in 150 countries as of 2009. Because of Tissot’s quality, the price range for its watches go from at least $225 to the thousands. However, some less-than-honest manufacturers are selling replica, or fake, Tissot watches as authentic ones, especially via Internet shopping outlets. To determine whether a purported Tissot is a counterfeit item, you can examine certain characteristics of the watch..

  1. Check the price of the watch. If the price for the new Tissot is significantly less than $200, it could indicate that the watch is a replica. For example, if you buy a Tissot from a street vendor for $30, you can be almost certain it is a fake.
  2. Wind the watch and see how it feels. In an authentic Tissot, you would not feel the movement of the inner workings being dragged along by the winding mechanism.
  3. Examine the crown, or winding knob. If the watch has the signature letter T on the crown, check to see if it is engraved or simply glued on. Real Tissots have an engraved letter on the crown.
  4. Review all aspects of the condition of its face under the crystal. If there is dust, fingerprints, lint or hairs on the surface, the watch is most certainly a cheap replica. Also, check the quality of numbering and other printing; there should be no flaws. In addition, inset dials such as chronometers and tachymeters should be properly aligned and well placed. Compare the watch face with a picture of an authentic one on Tissot’s website (
  5. Read all the printing on the watch. If there are misspellings or grammar errors on the watch face or case back, the watch is fake. For example, mistakes such as “Eigtheem Jewels” and “Made in Swiss” indicate a fake watch.
  6. Observe a luminous-dial watch in darkness after charging it under a lamp. Tissot uses a bright, high-quality luminous material for most of its watch hands and dials. Replica watches will have poor-quality luminosity or none at all.
  7. If you are still unsure about its authenticity, take the watch to an authorized Tissot dealer or a jeweler familiar with fine watches for a professional opinion.

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