How to spot a fake MAC Viva Glam Lipstick?

Fake makeup is becoming more and more popular along with becoming a lot harder to spot and tell the difference. It's only if you know what you are looking for that you can really tell if there a fake or not. The only way you can really tell if something is real or not is to get it from an authorised dealer! For example:Never buy big brand makeup such as benefit or mac from Ebay. Chances are your getting something with a bunch of shitty chemicals in and if you had paid a few more £ could have saved yourself from going blind.

Can you spot the fake out of these pictures below? 




 What about now?







Here's the colours swatched. 

20120311_202955 (1)

The answer? 
The 2 middle lipsticks in all the pictures are the fakes! 




Here's a few tips in how you can tell if you have the real thing! 

Smell: Real MAC has a sweet smell of vanilla to them where as fake ones smell of cheap plastic and give you a slight head ache if you sniff. 


Packaging: The real mac lipstick is thinner and smaller. The colouring around the barrel is a lot brighter and looks more expensive. 

Appearance: Counterfit lipsticks have a line going down the side of the product indicating where it has been joined. The real one tip is also in a tear drop sha

pe where as the other is more rounded. The stickers are also different.



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