Fake Facebook? Spot it!

If you have been behind a computer for years and have seen so many single friends trying to find something and looking at hundreds of profiles on line, it’s not that hard to spot a fake profile but the excitement of the possibility of finding the man of their dreams or the woman of their dreams makes them ignore red flags that are impossible to miss..

How many times have you received an email from a hot guy with a 6 pack? how many times have you looked on their profile and seen he makes a 6 figure income?

Our top 10 tips are:

  1. If it sounds and looks to good to be true, more likely it is
  2. There should be more than just 3 professional modeling pictures in thumbnail sizes, pictures with friends, with family, goofy pictures, etc.
    You have no idea how simple it is to just right click on a picture hit save target and now the picture is yours to do as you please, what most picture thieves don’t know is that if you save the picture from the first page instead of clicking until you find the host page will give them thumbnail size formats.
  3. They should have at least some local friends on their top friends or list of friends.
    Another red flag to watch, most fakes have a list where most are from out of town and once you read the rest of my tips you’ll understand why.
  4. Look for friend’s comments that can corroborate who he/she is.
    For example: Hey Matt it was great to see you last night, or Lizzy you have not changed since elementary school! you see my point? what a better way to find out it’s not a fake profile or an impostor with fake pics by playing some detective work and finding out what they are all about.
  5. Watch out for excuses to meet you in person.
    Meeting someone in person is risky, I seriously do no recommend this unless you have really investigated the profile but if you must, watch out for last minute excuses such as their grandma’s sudden death or their uncle Harry from NJ.
  6. Pushing for a relationship even if is 3000 miles away.
    Fakeys love to start relationships with people who live very far away because they don’t have to be confronted right away and can keep up with the lies at least a while longer.
  7. Asking you for naughty or sexy pictures of you.
    How can you say no to a guy that looks like Brad Pitt and makes 150,000 a year and is promising you the world? Well that’s exactly why they get out of the way to create their fake profiles.
  8. Eliminate benefit of the doubt on line, it will save you some trouble.
    Don’t ever ignore your suspicion of something fishy going on with your new friend’s profile, if it looks or smell fishy, more likely it is.
  9. Don’t get caught up in the excitement and act out of desperation to be with someone.
    I know, you’ve been single for a while, you want to meet someone that exceed your expectations but take your time and be cautious!
  10. These are just a few tips, fakeys are getting more and more creative so stay guarded.
    I have seen them all, from simple fake profiles to very well thought out ones, just take your time and investigate investigate investigate, if you need any extra tips or are suspicious of someone you can always contact me and we’ll find out together it’s better to be safe than sorry!

In conclusion, I personally think that the people who stand behind the fakeys, it’s people who wants attention but cant get it in a normal way or people just playing jokes or perverts who know you would do anything to be with someone like them, specially if you have information on your profile on how desperate you are and how upset that you cant find what you are looking for, so follow these tips and you’ll be okay.

Based on Yahoo! Assotiated Content

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