How to spot fake perfume

Here we will explore how to identify conterfeit fragrances when buying offline. There are obvious reasons to avoid non-trusted online stores, but what the deal with real ones?

  1. Check plastic wrap. It shouldn't be too thick and unclear, real boxes wrapped tight with thin and transparent cellophane.
  2. Printings and stickers on the wrap needs to be also clear and sharp printed.
  3. Obviously all printings and embossed elements of the priginal paper box should be sharp and have no blur.

Opening the box

  1. Feel the bottle cap. Especially for complex shaped caps – they arent easy to replicate. Shapes are wrong, edges are shooth or either too shart and can hurt you. Gold plating isnt uniform, printings are blurry.
  2. Look at the top of the spray button. If chosen authentic perfume have embossed logo on the top, fake button doesnt have it. It is too expensive to replicate in most cases.
  3. Glass bottle should have uniform surface without visible misalignments, inner bottom surface should be uniform and symmetrical.