How to spot a fake Oribe cosmetics

Nearly every women had an issue buying cosmetics that looked absolutely right, with all that package and labelsб but happened to be fake. Counterfeit skin care and makeup is becoming a big business issue.

Some tips that helps you to buy genuine hair care, skin care and makeup:


Most brands put a serial numbers or special codes onto a package, that should be checked online. Counterfeits are having one number for all and it may be even taken from real product but oudated for years.

Also take a look at printing quality. If you already have original product check if replacement one looks the same.

Scent and texture

Simpiest way to spot a fake. Genuine products will not call any questions about the quality but fakes may smell at least strange and have unhomogenious texture and even distinct color compare to genuine if you have it.

Store and price

Buying cosmetics in unbranded multistores, on unoficial websites and ebay, with price tag at a half of recommended – be sure you will got a fake product. Sad but true, only certified official dealers may guarantee an authentic product.