How to Spot Fake Converse Shoes

Today Im gonna help you guy to learn how to spot fake All Star Converse Chuck Taylor. Hope it help you when you go shopping…
This type is sold with the price almost high as the original one, or usually less than about 20-30%. The Fake Converse All Stars look 90% same as the Original Converse All Stars Shoes. However, the Fake Converse Shoes still have some defects that you can spot from. Here are some way to spot a Fake Converse Shoes..

FAKE: Logo in dim and changing a few words on the logo shoes. look ugly

REAL: Logos really clear in the Chuck Taylor signature. Look pretty dope

REAL (red happy face): Standard, clear

FAKE (black sad face): ugly, unclear, the color is in dim

REAL (red happy face): Smooth, Clear line and patterns

FAKE (black sad face): The line still not clear, The top shoes easily deformed because made by unquality rubber

REAL: Alway have a tag with the shoe

FAKE: No tag at all …..

Also here are some picture that may help you to spot whether it fake or real. Hope this help.

..and it seems that simpliest way to get genuine is to buy Converse All Star on Amazon


Via Hip Hop Styler