How to spot a fake Stone Island SI clothing

Italian brand Stone Island is always popular among people who prefer quality casual wear. Since it uses h-tech and quality natural material the price tag on SI wear is enough high. Thats why a lots of fake Stone Island clothing and accesoires are selling worldwide.

Saying fakes we mean that not only cheap poor quality clothes are presented on market. There are lots of well sewn items made of enough quality fabrics buy anyway they are fakes and doesnt provide original characteristics. Some advices how to identify genuine Stone Island SI clothing and avoid buying fake here:

Textile quality

All materials should be in high quality. All stitches are straight and no threads are stick out. Also for sure genuine Stone Island SI clothing doesnt smells chemically or any other way.


Most well-known and – unfortunately – most well-counterfeited item. Patch is attached to a sleeve with two buttons. There is a yellow stitching around buttons on original patch. Back side is made of black silk. Logo is emboidered well and accurate.

Stitches and threads

Commonly fakes are having curves stitches. The threads are well-colored in combination to a fabric color. If thread color is easy vary from fabric color it may be fake cloth. Also threads are strong and bold where it is needed.


Genuine Stone Island SI buttons are branded and made with accuracy.

Zip lock

Zip locks should made by two brands: YKK or Lampo.


Some well made fakes are replicate brand tags but it still can play a role in authentification process. Tag should have all information about model including Art Number, country of origin, materials and care.

Art Number includes lots of information in digital: season, brand, item type, model, fabric type etc. Some fake tags are the same for all clothes while each genuine item type have its own Art Number.

Certiligo technology

Stone Island SI brand use unique serial numbers printed on a tag. You may check authencity by scanning QR code or manually input the code on website.

Fake production industra isnt stay still and every season more and more well-made fakes are appeared on the market. So best way to buy genuine Stone Island SI clothing is buying from Official Dealer or from proven online sellers.