How to spot fake Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 and check is it genuine or replica

Being popular does not always necessarily good in some ways. Let’s take, for example, the fact that possibilities of getting imitated will also increase. That happens in the real world including what Xiaomi has to be run into. There are many fake Xiaomi phones have been distributed and shipped around the world. Furthermore, those shipped fake Xiaomi devices are usually available for purchase at slightly cheaper price.

Below you can see 10 ways to help you identify Xiaomi imitation phone. You don’t necessarily need to use all of them since one would be enough but using two-ways checking will be better.

1. Mi Verification App Method

Being aware of the situation, Xiaomi has released its official Android app to help users easily check whether the Mi phones they have on-hand are fake one or the original ones. However, there is still a drawback: many users of Redmi models reported that their devices failed to perform the test of Mi Verification app. But still, it is worth to give it a try.

Simply download and install the app into your phone. Now launch up the app then tap on Turn On Performance On. Next, tap on the Scan and Verify button. Use another phone or use your laptop to visit and scan the QR Code. Just wait till the app verifies your phone.

2. Authentication Label Method

It is similar to a scratch card. The authentication label is the one you can find it on your phone’s box. However, there is chance you won’t see this label especially if you buy your phone from a seller that also gets the product from third-party store. Just grab the box and find it.

Found it? Now scratch that label until you see a code. Visit and enter the code in the box to verify.

3. Physical Comparison

This is the most simple thing to do and can be done initially before any other check. Nevertheless, it requires good observation skill as well as good knowledge of physical characteristics of original device such as dimensions, built quality, design, Mi logo, etc. Hence, it will be easy to spot the differences. Look at how the Mi logo is different. Also look at the built quality of its camera and flash light.

4. Do Benchmark Test

Download AnTuTu benchmarking app from Play Store. Do a quick benchmarking test onto your phone. Note down the score and try googling to verify the range of the score. The key point is simple: If your benchmark score is just slightly different (either higher or lower) then you can consider your Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is authentic. However, if the score is significantly different, then you can assume your phone is an imitation.

5. Compare The Price

It is one of important factors that can be suspicious and can lead you to the fact whether the phone is imitation or original. Usually, fake phones are sold aggressively cheap to temp people for buying it. Despite this is common, there is still possibility that seller will sell fake phone slightly cheaper. The rule is simple: any phone sold dramatically cheaper than current price, it has very big risk to be a fake phone.

6. Buy from trusted seller. Genuine Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 phones are presented in most e-malls including