How to spot fake Lenovo adapters and batteries







What  we are doing here is spotting fake stuff,so let's talk about counterfeit Lenovo production!This time you will investigate the following steps:


  1. Labeling

Lenovo packaging follows a pretty predictable pattern. You'll have, on the factory box, the P/N and S/N, then barcodes with the P/N, S/N, P/N+S/N, origin code,  UPC, EAN.
Many fake boxes will simply have a barcode on one end and a printed label on the same end. 


‚ÄčLenovo packaging is often taped in some clear tape with red locks under the labels, or some clear tape with angled red stripes. Some of the smaller boxes, that only hinge open at one end, are taped with a white and red paper tape.

Many fakes are not taped at all or only with small clear tape

     3.Static Wrap

Many Lenovo products are wrapped in static wrap with a high quality paper sticker sealing it shut.
Many fakes are wrapped in clear plastic with scotch tape sealing it shut.


Many Lenovo products are packaged with textured foam in the bottom of the case.
Fakes often have flat, thin foam, or none at all.

     5. Manual

Even the Lenovo AC adapters come with a paper manual. Fakes come with nothing.


  1. Model number on Sticker                                  

A dead giveaway on the fakes will be an extra model number near the P/N and FRU. An example would be PA-1650-54L next to the FRU or P/N. This indicates a fake.

      2. Sticker Quality

Firstly, the fakes have a horrendous quality on their stickers. Shadowing, ghosting, grainy hard to read junk. There are typos and errors on the stickers.

      3.  AC Adapters

On some of the fake AC adapters, there is square box in the lower left hand of the label that will have DONGGUANG LITE POWER 2nd PLANT. 
Most of the US 65w 20v 3.25A adapters are 2-prong, and will also have a Class 2 emblem on them. The emblem is a square within a square. Many fakes will be three prong or will be two prong without the Class 2 designation.
Some of the fakes will only say "made for lenovo"

     3)Power cords

Even if you order an AC Adapter from Lenovo, the power cord will have an FRU number on a sticker attached to the cord. The FRU will be something like 42T3094. I just made that up, but you get the idea.
Fakes don't bother. They just include junk.