How to spot fake Fitbit Flex wristband activity tracker

How to spot fake Fitbit Flex wristband activity tracker and recognize genuine Fitbit

Fitbit produces maybe the most well-known wristband activity trackers on the market. But as always, the leading products have a lot of counterfeits. We will help to spot the fake Fitbit trackers:

  1. Check the store \ seller's feedback (if available).
    Ideally, the best advice I can provide is to buy from a seller that has a lot of feedback for transactions related to the item you are purchasing, whether it is a Fitbit Flex wristband activity tracker or any kind of expensive item.

  2. Check if price seems to be right.
    If you know that a activity tracker generally sells for $90-150, for example, and you see an offer for this same item with a buy it now price of $20-30, there’s a chance that the wristband may be a counterfeit.  If it seems unrealistic, proceed with caution.

  3. Don't buy Fitbit wristband activity trackers on chinese electronic malls. They may have valuable offers for some electronics or appliances, but really can not sell genuine Fitbit.

  4. Totally the simpliest solution is to buy Fitbit wristband activity tracker on a well-known malls such as Amazon