Japador attacks or how to spot fake fragrances and perfumes?

A real woman should have a lot of favorite perfume bottles – for different situations, different time of day, season and mood. Of course, a good perfume is expensive. Unfortunately, perfume market has a lot of fakes now, and sometimes the high price – is not a guarantee of quality. Continue reading “Japador attacks or how to spot fake fragrances and perfumes?”

How to Spot Fake Designer Perfumes

Buying that bottle of “designer” perfume at a deep discount might seem like a great deal, until it starts losing its scent just weeks later. Designer knockoffs often boast a big discount, but none of the quality. Make sure you don’t get swindled by educating yourself on how to spot designer knockoffs.. Continue reading “How to Spot Fake Designer Perfumes”

How to spot fake Rolex plus Video

Rolex or Replica?? Don’t get E-Screwed!!

Many people are buying and selling Rolex and other fine timepieces over the internet. Most are honest people representing their product correctly. However, some are either intentionally or unintentionally representing their watches as something they are not.

Having a resource to clarify this information can mean the difference between making a wise investment in a quality timepiece, and overpaying for something that was misrepresented…

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How to Spot Fake Ralph Lauren Polos

Any time you buy designer clothing at a place other than an authentic retailer, you run the risk of buying a fake. Some fakes are so badly done there is no question as to their authenticity, but sometimes they are actually quite close to the original and it can be difficult to tell..
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How to Spot Fake Converse Shoes

Today Im gonna help you guy to learn how to spot fake All Star Converse Chuck Taylor. Hope it help you when you go shopping…
This type is sold with the price almost high as the original one, or usually less than about 20-30%. The Fake Converse All Stars look 90% same as the Original Converse All Stars Shoes. However, the Fake Converse Shoes still have some defects that you can spot from. Here are some way to spot a Fake Converse Shoes.. Continue reading “How to Spot Fake Converse Shoes”